Sprinkler Trailers

SPIEDR Fire Service Trailers

Fire Service Trailers

SPIEDR sprinkler trailers are custom sprinkler trailer units that provide protection from wildfire and can be towed anywhere by a full-sized pickup truck! SPIEDR offers 3 types of sprinkler trailers. Each is designed and equipped for different capacities. These trailers can protect anywhere from 15 - 50 homes.

Industry Trailer from SPIEDR

The Industry Trailer

The Industry Trailer is a sprinkler trailer designed for protect oil and gas industry facilities. It allows you to protect your industry facilities or more than 50 homes with advanced Cloudburst technology.   This SPIEDR trailer offers unparalleled industry protection from the threat of wildfire.

1 KM Wetline Trailer from SPIEDR

The 1 KM Wetline Trailer

The 1 KM Wetline is a sprinkler trailer that comes equipped with enough sprinklers to create 1 Kilometer of continuous sprinkler protection! This creates a Wet-Wall that stops fire in it's tracks. This innovative trailer can help contain wildland fire and protect communities.

Sprinkler Kits

Spiedr splash kit

SPIEDR Sprinkler kits will reduce the risk of wildland fire damage because they keep everything wet! The Deluge 1 Sprinkler Kit is equipped to protect up to 4 homes! The Deluge 1 Sprinkler kit is your defense mechanism in the event of a wildland fire threat!


sprinkler tower

The Sprinkler RAINMAKER originally designed for use in the oil and gas industry.  It works to protect key infrastructure such as operations buildings during wildland fire events.  It can be set up permanently on any rooftop. Or placed consecutively on the ground to create a continuous WETWALL™. You can always ensure that your buildings can be defended from wildfire.

Widget Water Thief

WIDGET Water Thief

The Water Thief is an innovate product designed by SPIEDR. It works to adapt hoses, so larger hoses and smaller hoses can be utilized on various sized sprinklers. It's a convenient and essential component of any structure protection equipment inventory!

Waterax Pumps

mark 3 motor

SPIEDR is has a variety of Pumps needed for wildland fire fighting and structure protection!  We are your source for professional quality Pumps used by Wildland Firefighting crews for effective Fire Fighting.  SPIEDR provides only world standard wildland fire pumps because we know they are at the core of your firefighting system.