Stop Wildfires from Destroying Your Home with The Right Equipment!

Consulting fire protection systemA wildfire sprinkler kit from SPIEDR is specifically designed to protect homes, buildings or businesses from the threat of wildfire.  Wildfires commonly destroy unprotected communities and structures. SPIEDR fire protection equipment supports firefighters to defend communities, businesses, and structures.

You can now defend yourself against the threat of wildfire. SPIEDR works to create a defensible space to reduce the risk of wildfire damage with sprinkler protection trailers.  These trailers include wildfire sprinkler kits, which you can proactively install onto your house and property to wet rooftops and surrounding fuels to protect against a wildfire! Wildfire emergencies occur without warning, but you can be fire ready with wildland sprinkler system from SPIEDR!

A Wildfire Sprinkler System is an Innovative Defense Against Wildfire

More and more, people are at risk from wildfire because it’s becoming popular for people to build their homes and businesses in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). This is the term for the geographical area where the forest meets the community.  Unfortunately, firebrands can then start new fires far from the original fire front putting many communities within the WUI at risk. Climate change also creates more intense wildfires, which can negatively impact WUI communities.

House caught in the forest fire


Structure protection sprinkler kits create a defensible space against firebrands from nearby wildfires or direct flame impingement towards homes and property. Structure Protection Units (SPU’s) are enclosed sprinkler trailers now becoming a key component in the fire suppression toolkit for many communities. However, a lot of people are not aware of the effectiveness of wildfire sprinkler system in wildfire preparedness.  A sprinkler system can determine the difference between protecting your home or your home burning during a wildfire emergency.

Fire Protection Equipment

A wildland sprinkler kit from SPIEDR can protect up to four structures. This is because sprinkler kits pre-wet structures and fuels, in turn, increasing humidity.  Additionally, this allows airborne embers to settle on wet surfaces, which reduces structure to structure spread. Thus, airborne embers are extinguished preventing spot fires from converging and growing.

Sprinkler Kit SlpashThe contents of the sprinkler kits are even packaged in a durable poly shipping container with an attached lid. This packaging also functions as a storage container for your structure protection sprinkler kit.  Preparing for the threat of wildfire has never been so easy!

Roof Sprinklers

If you want to protect your home or business from the threat of wildfire, airborne embers, and firebrands SPIEDR can also offer you a roof sprinkler system that will defend your home against possible wildfires.  Don’t leave the protection of your home or property up to chance! You can easily be prepared and fire ready with solutions from SPIEDR.

If you have any questions about SPIEDR wildfire sprinkler system do not hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help. Let us help you protect your structure today.

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