Training services available through Firestorm Enterprises Ltd.

SPIEDR is proud to offer training services through Firestorm Enterprises Ltd.

The experienced and certified staff at Firestorm offer structure protection and wildland fire training. Bob Swart, President of Firestorm is a recognized instructor for British Columbia’s Wildfire Management Branch and Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Since 2004, Bob Swart has been part of the development, delivery, and implementation of the accredited S-115: Structure Protection and Site Preparation Workshop, now called SPP-115 Structure Protection. Bob remains one of three chosen instructors for facilitating the Structure Protection Program in British Columbia.

This work addresses how Structure Protection Equipment, like the Sprinkler trailers and Sprinkler kits available from SPIEDR, can be used to protect communities and combat wildfires.

Firestorm routinely performs fire education services for Fire Departments, First Nations Communities, Logging Operations and even the general public interested in wildland firefighting.

The key instructors also include certified First Nation trainers who work and live within First Nation Communities. This provides a closer level of learning, comprehension and internal support to students.


All groups interested in Firestorm's Training Services are encouraged to contact Firestorm with a brief statement outlining their training needs for wildland firefighting. Talk to us today for more information regarding the courses or Firestorm's fire training services.