Protect Your Home and Community with SPIEDR

lakefront-humidityStructure protection sprinklers from SPIEDR are specifically designed to enhance safety and protect your home and property from the threat of wildfire.  Wildfires have the potential to destroy property and impact one’s sense of security and safety.  During an evacuation, homeowners often do not have time to pack up their sentimental and valuable items. These items including the home and property are then left vulnerable to wildfire.

You now have the option to proactively defend yourself against the threat of wildfire. SPIEDR works to create a defensible space to reduce the risk of wildfire with our wildfire structure protection equipment. SPIEDR structure protection sprinklers reduce the fire rank intensity and prevents airborne embers from accumulating to ignite the surrounding fuels and rooftops.  Established SPIEDR structure protection sprinklers can operate long after you have evacuated to safety because WET FUEL WON’T BURN™. You can be wildfire ready with the right knowledge and equipment from SPIEDR.

Protect Your Home or Business From The Threat Of Wildfire

Forest fire behind a houseMany people are further at risk from wildfire due to the popularity of building homes and businesses in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). This is the geographical area where the forest meets the community.  With homes and businesses so close to the WUI there is always a risk of airborne embers igniting your structure. Airborne embers and firebrands can start new fires far from the original wildfire putting homes and businesses within the WUI at far greater risk. Climate change is also increasing the frequency and intensity of wildfires, directly impacting WUI communities.

Wildland urban interface structure protection
creates a defensible space against wildfire for your home or property. Wildfire sprinkler trailers are becoming a key component in the fire suppression toolkit for many communities. We can help protect you from airborne embers and direct flame impingement. However, most people are not aware of the effectiveness of structure protection sprinklers in wildfire preparedness.

Business and homeowners need be aware that structure protection sprinklers and equipment are proving important assets needed to protect their property from the realities of a wildfire.  If you live in an WUI area then it’s essential to be prepared and to take the steps to ensure the safety of your family, home, or business.

SPIEDR Is Your Wildland Fire Structure Protection Solution

SPIEDR also offers structure protection trailers, which are a key component in combating wildfires and protecting property and public safety from wildfires, airborne embers, and firebrands and direct flame impingement.

SPIEDR trailers are custom enclosed structure protection trailers with specially designed wildfire sprinklers, Waterax portable pumps, Mark 3 high-pressure fire pump, BB-4 fire pump, fire hoses, and various adapters. During emergencies, SPIEDR trailers support firefighters and protect homes and communities.

Sprinkler Kit Slpash

If you want to protect your home or business from the threat of wildfire, SPIEDR can offer you structure protection sprinkler kits that will defend your property against potential wildfires.  Don’t leave the protection of your home, business, or family up to chance, as Mother Nature does not discriminate.  You can easily be prepared and fire ready with solutions from SPIEDR.

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