Sprinkler Kit cotents

Designed by SPIEDR to provide you with a defense mechanism in the event of a wildland fire threat, the Deluge 1 Sprinkler Kit can protect up to 4 homes.

The Deluge 1 can be driven into the ground using a steel step spike. Or you can attach it to vertical surfaces via ½ inch conduit clamps to gable ends of the roof. The versatility of the Deluge 1 Sprinkler Kit means you can keep your structures and property wet and therefore safe!

Our 1-inch sprinklers have a diameter coverage of more than 134 feet. What’s more, our sprinkler diameter protects following FireWise/FireSmart principles via pre-wetting the structures and fuels.

Everything you need to protect your property and for peace of mind comes in one convenient package. The contents of the Deluge 1 are packaged in a durable poly shipping container with an attached lid. It easily converts into a storage container when your sprinkler kit is no needed.

The goal of a sprinkler kit is to pre-wet structures and wildfire fuels. This greatly increases humidity. When airborne embers settle upon wet surfaces they are extinguished, reducing structure-to-structure spread.  This prevents fire’s form converging and growing.

  • 8 each 1.0" sprinkler brass impact, w/ dual steel step spike
  • 1 each SPIEDR 2-1/2" water thief for hydrant use
  • 8 each 1-1/2" water thief w/ garden hose shut off
  • 2 each 1-1/2" three way gated wye
  • 8 each 3/4" x 50' synthetic hose (300psi) w/ garden hose cplgs
  • 8 each 3/4" x 25' synthetic hose (300psi) w/ garden hose cplgs
  • 4 each 3/4" gated wye GHT cplgs
  • 4 each 3/4" double female GHT cplgs

Don’t leave the safety of your home or property up to chance!

In the event of a wildfire in your area, be prepared with a Sprinkler kit from SPIEDR.  A sprinkler kit will make a huge difference and give you a means of defense in case of wildfire!