Structural Fire Protection Units are portable structural fire protections systems from SPIEDR specifically designed to enhance safety and protect homes, businesses or other structures from the threat of wildfire. Wildfires have the potential to destroy your property but also impact an entire community long after a wildfire emergency is over. During an evacuation, homeowners often do not have time to pack up their sentimental and valuable items. These items including the home and property are then left vulnerable to wildfire, which is why reliable structural fire protection is so important.

Structural Protection Unit - Sprinkler Trailer

However, you can defend yourself against the threat of wildfire. SPIEDR works to reduce the risk of wildfire damage with our structural fire protection units. SPIEDR has innovative structural fire protections systems solutions that include mobile fire sprinkler trailers, which can be transported where needed in the event of a wildfire emergency. A SPIEDR sprinkler trailer can assist fire departments and communities by providing reliable structural fire protection. SPIEDR's fire fighting pumps & solutions will provide a strong fire protection defense for buildings, homes, and infrastructure against the destructive forces of airborne embers and wildland fires.

Structural Fire Protection Units Are an Innovative Defense Against Wildfire

House caught in the forest fireMany people are at further risk from wildfire due to the fact that more people are building their homes and businesses in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

This is the geographical area where the forest meets the community.  The closer your home is to the WUI then the more you must recognize that airborne embers negatively impact your home’s vulnerability.

In addition, firebrands can start new fires far from the original wildfire. These firebrands are carried naturally by the wind. Climate change also increases wildfires, which can impact WUI communities. Wildland urban interface structural fire protection systemsfire fighting sprinklers create a defensible space against wildfire for homes or property. SPIEDR wildfire sprinklers are set up to wet rooftops and surrounding fuels. The wet fuel extinguishes airborne embers and increases humidity levels allowing the wildfire to burn around the homes and protected areas.  Wildfire sprinkler trailers are becoming a key component in the fire suppression toolbox for many communities. However, a lot of people are not aware of the effectiveness of wildfire sprinkler protection trailers in wildfire preparedness.

SPIEDR sprinkler trailers are designed in various configurations to protect up to 15, 30, or 50 homes. The sprinkler trailers are composed of structural fire protection equipment that can be separated and deployed to different priority areas at the same time. SPIEDR wildfire sprinkler trailers are truly an innovative solution for a reliable fire protection defense against the harmful effects of wildfires.

Sprinkler Trailers Are A Key component in Structural Fire Protection

Structural Protection Unit - Sprinkler TrailerA SPIEDR sprinkler trailer is designed to be a key component in structural fire protection systems, protecting property and public safety. Sprinkler trailers are custom enclosed structure protection units with specially designed wildfire sprinklers, Waterax portable pumps, Mark 3 high-pressure fire pump, BB-4 fire pump, fire hoses, and various adapters. During emergencies, SPIEDR sprinkler trailers offer the right solution to assist firefighters and protect communities.

If you want to protect your home or business from the threat of wildfire, SPIEDR can offer you structural fire protection trailers that will defend your property against possible wildfires.  Don’t leave the protection of your community up to chance! You can easily be prepared and fire ready with the structural fire protection solutions from SPIEDR.

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