hite pick-up truck driving down a road with wildfire on either side.

Kincade Fire Report

This fall has seen Sonoma County’s biggest wildfire to date. The Kincade fire in Sonoma County, California, is now contained after burning 77,758 acres of land. The fire started on the morning of Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019.

Why Forests Need Wildfires

Usually when we think of fire, we think of destruction. However, this is not an accurate or holistic understanding of the effects of wildfires on our environment. Forest fires actually have many positive effects as well. In fact, the...

The Benefits of Prescribed Wildfire

Over the years prescribed fires have been utilized less frequently, even with the growing wildfire issues throughout the province. It is the general consensus though, that fighting fire with fire is the most strategic method available to the province...

The Future of Wildfires

After a year of record-breaking wild fires, many people are bracing for what comes next.  The increasing frequency, size and intensity of wildfires has concerned homeowners doubling down on prevention and management measures.