Sprinkler Kits

A remarkable solution for defense during a wildfire threat, Sprinkler Kits reduce the risk of damage by keeping everything wet.  Get prepared for wildlandfires today with a Sprinker Kit!

Sprinkler Raintower

RAINTOWER™ Sprinkler

Designed to protect infrastructure and operations buildings during a wildfire event, the Raintower Sprinkler can be used seasonally or set up permanently.  Increase your site safety today!

Widget Water Theif

WIDGET™ Water Thief

The Widget Water Thief is a versatile tool that allows you to maximize your  hose adaptability. Be fully prepared in every situation and get the most our of your wildlandfire equipment with your very own Water Thief!

Mark 3 pump

Waterax Pumps

Pumps are the heart of your wildlandfire and structure protection equipment. We offer a wide variety of high quality and professional pumps to see you through your wildland firefighting efforts.