Imagine an enclosed unit filled with all the sprinkler equipment needed to protect homes and buildings from wildfire. That’s a SPIEDR Sprinkler Trailer.

SPIEDR Fire Trailers are custom Sprinkler Trailer units that provide protection from wildfire and can be towed anywhere by a full-sized pickup truck! SPIEDR offers 3 types of Fire Service Trailers. Each is designed and equipped for different capacities. These trailers can protect anywhere from 15 - 50 homes.

The Industry Trailer is a sprinkler trailer designed to protect oil and gas industry facilities. It allows you to protect your industry facilities or more than 50 homes with advanced Cloudburst technology.   This SPIEDR trailer offers unparalleled industry protection from the threat of wildfire.

The 1 KM Wetline is a sprinkler trailer that comes equipped with enough sprinklers to create 1 Kilometer of continuous sprinkler protection! This creates a Wet-Wall that stops fire in it's tracks. This innovative trailer can help contain wildland fire and protect communities.

SPIEDR sprinkler trailers are custom designed trailer units that provide protection from wildfire and can be towed anywhere by a full-sized pickup truck. They are mobile Structure Protection Units, built to protect homes, buildings, and other structures from the threat of wildfire.  They are specially designed to be utilized in wildland fire emergencies and come loaded with an inventory of sprinkler equipment that can be separated from the trailer and deployed to wherever it’s most needed. All of the equipment is organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. SPIEDR sprinkler trailers create a defensible barrier around structures to protect them from the destructive forces of fire.

SPIEDR trailers contain:

  • Specially designed sprinklers
  • Watertax portable pumps
  • Fire hoses
  • Miscellaneous adapters, fittings, thiefs, & wyes.

SPIEDR trailers support the operations section under incident command to protect structures during emergencies in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), the area where the forest meets the community. SPIEDR is proud to manufacture a variety of Structure Protection Unit trailers, each specifically designed for the different needs for wildland fire suppression.

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