SPIEDR "Monsoon"

This mobile fire trailer warehouse is designed to safely deploy 1KM (0.621 mile) of continuous sprinkler protection via a 280′ diameter WET-WALL (TM). This proven concept pre-wets the fuels directly in line with the head fire.

Therefore, reducing the rank intensity to a more manageable state. The fire front runs into this WET-WALL (TM) of fuel knocking down flame intensity. Greatly reducing direct flame impingement, radiant & convected heat to structures.

  • 1 each 28′ custom built enclosed trailer, heavy duty shelving, custom deployment winch
  • 1 each SPIEDR “TARANTULA” trailer mounted centrifugal pump (1500GPM +) enclosed within the SPIEDR “Monsoon” 28′ trailer.
  • 16 each SPIEDR “DELUGE” sprinklers providing 280′ diameter coverage flowing 49US GPM @ 75PSI.
  • 33 each SPIEDR “WEB” mainline LDH hose, 5″ – 7″ (3300′) w/ STORZ couplings
  • 16 each SPIEDR “BASE” tripod manifolds, telescoping 10′ w/ water thief, shutoff & STORZ couplings
  • Miscellaneous proprietary customized manifolds, siamese wyes, pressure reducers