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How to Make Your Home More Fire Safe

If you live in an area that’s commonly threatened by wildfire during the summer months, it is a good idea to know a few measures you can take to make your home more fire safe. These simple tips can help you protect your home in the event that it is threatened by fire.

Keep Fuel at a Distance

Make sure that flammable things like dry wood, propane tanks, and other potential wildfire fuels are kept at a reasonable distance from your home. This way, if any of these flammable materials were to catch fire, there is less of a chance of the flames catching the house.

Use Sprinklers

If your home is threatened by wildfire, using sprinklers to moisten your yard can help to create a less flammable environment. Set up sprinklers around the perimeter of your home and run them in accordance with your local water use restrictions.

Clear Your Roof

Regularly remove flammable materials like dead leaves and other debris from your roof, especially if you have flammable roofing materials such as wooden shingles. Dry leaves, twigs, and other debris will collect on your roof and can be like kindling for fire. Make it a habit to clean your roof, gutters, and eaves regularly, especially during the driest months of the year.

Keep Home Fire Fighting Equipment Nearby

It’s a good idea to have a few tools handy in case of an emergency. Keep a shovel, fire extinguisher, rake, and bucket in your garage just in case you need to deal with a sudden fire on your property. Always have a hose available as well.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed Short

Tall grass can help wildfire spread rapidly. Keep your lawn mowed to a short length, especially during fire season. Make sure that you water your lawn regularly as well to prevent patches of dry, extra flammable grass.

SPIEDR works to protect communities from wildfire damage by providing equipment rentals, consulting, and wildland firefighter training. 

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