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How to Plan for Next Wildfire Season

As severe wildfire seasons seem to be becoming more and more common in Canada, it is important to know how to plan for the next wildfire season well in advance. This makes it easier to be ready when wildfires hit close to home.


Invest in a Good Air Purifier

Significant wildfire smoke in the air is becoming a reality for much of Canada in the summers, so if you haven’t invested in a good air purifier for your home yet, now is the time. Choose a purifier that uses HEPA filters. There are plenty of options depending on your preferences, from simple purifiers to systems that connect to your smartphone for easy control.


Know Your Evacuation Route

Think about what your evacuation route would look like now, before you need to use it. Do you know where you would go and how you would get there in the event of a wildfire threatening your community? Talk to family and friends who live in other areas and determine whether you could stay with them during an evacuation and vice versa. Having an established plan for evacuation well in advance of wildfire season reduces stress when alerts are issued and makes the process go smoother.


Plan for Pets

Do you know where your pets would go in the event of an evacuation? If you have family or friends that would take you in during a wildfire evacuation, talk to them about your pets and determine whether the pets would be able to come. If not, find out options for places you could board them. Knowing that your pets have a safe place to stay ahead of time will significantly reduce stress in the event of a wildfire evacuation notice.


Put Together an Emergency Kit

It is a good idea to prepare an emergency kit that you always have on hand in case you need to evacuate suddenly. Keep your emergency kit somewhere easy to access so you can grab it quickly should you need to. Your emergency kit should contain first-aid supplies, copies of important documents (such as passports and birth certificates), an emergency blanket, a flashlight, water, and non-perishable foods. 

Planning for the next wildfire season now can reduce stress and give you more control in the event of an evacuation notice. With wildfire seasons becoming overall longer and more intense, preparedness is more important now than ever.

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