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Protecting Your Resort from Wildfire

If you run a resort located in an area chosen for its proximity to nature, you are likely aware that your business could become threatened by wildfire easily, especially given the recent pattern of intense forest fire seasons. By following these steps, you can help to keep your resort safer from wildfire hazards.

Know the History and Risks of the Area

Understanding the historical patterns of wildfires in your resort’s vicinity is the first step in developing your wildfire protection plan. Take into account the local terrain, climate, and vegetation to assess the potential risks. Collaborate with local fire departments and environmental agencies to gather information on past incidents and prevalent weather conditions. This knowledge will serve as a foundation you can use to tailor wildfire safety strategies for your resort.

Create a Defensible Space

Creating a defensible space around your resort is important in reducing the risk of wildfires spreading to your buildings. Establish a buffer zone by clearing combustible materials and vegetation, particularly within the first 30 feet from structures. Prune trees to eliminate low-hanging branches, and maintain a well-irrigated, fire-resistant landscape. This defensible space acts as a barrier, slowing down the progression of wildfires and giving firefighters a better chance to control the situation before it damages the structures on your property.

Construct Fuel Breaks

Fuel breaks are strategically designed areas where flammable vegetation is intentionally removed or reduced to hinder the advancement of wildfires. Identify natural breaks such as roads, rivers, or rocky terrain and enhance them, or construct new breaks by strategically adding rocks, gravel or cement pathways, and water features to your landscaping. By interrupting the continuity of vegetation, fuel breaks can prevent wildfires from rapidly spreading and threatening your resort.

Invest in Hardening Structures

Wildfires can quickly turn devastating when they reach structures, so investing in structural hardening measures is highly recommended. Use fire-resistant materials for roofing, siding, and decks. Install ember-resistant vents to prevent burning embers from entering buildings. Ensure that windows are made of tempered glass, and all openings are sealed to minimize the risk of ember intrusion. These measures fortify the structures, making them more resilient to wildfire impact.

Install a Sprinkler System

An automated sprinkler system is a powerful tool in defending your resort against wildfires and perhaps the best defense against ember ignition. Install sprinklers on rooftops, around the perimeter, and in high-risk areas to create a moist barrier that impedes the progress of the fire. These systems are particularly effective in preventing the ignition of structures and can buy valuable time for emergency response teams. SPIEDR is proud to provide resorts and other businesses in fire-prone areas with sprinkler systems specifically designed to reduce the risk of wildfire damage.

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