Wildfire in a forested area

Fire-Resistant Landscaping for Businesses in Wildfire-Prone Regions

In addition to creating a wildfire safety plan and equipping your business with a sprinkler system, you can improve wildfire resistance through strategic landscaping techniques. Follow these simple steps to help keep your business safer from wildfire in your area.



“Hardscaping” is the use of non-living elements in landscaping. This technique offers durable solutions to safeguard businesses against wildfires. Try incorporating hardscape elements into your design, such as stone pathways, decorative rocks, and concrete pavers. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property, but also serves as a fire deterrent. Opting for gravel or stone over traditional bark mulch is a good idea as it reduces the risk of flammability, minimizing the likelihood of fire spreading.


Choose Fire-Resistant Plants

Some plants are more flammable than others. When planting the area around your business, opt for plants that are less likely to ignite easily. Resources such as FireSmart BC's guide to fire-resistant plants provide valuable insights into suitable options for landscaping in wildfire-prone regions. By choosing plants less likely to ignite easily, businesses can create a buffer zone that helps prevent the rapid spread of fires.


Space Out Trees

When creating your business’ landscape design, make sure you space out trees so they are not too close to each other. Proper spacing between trees reduces the likelihood of fires spreading from one tree to another, and regular pruning prevents branches from reaching dangerously close to structures. Prune all tree branches that are within two metres of the ground to help prevent fire laddering vertically up a tree.


Place Water Features Strategically

Incorporating water features into the landscape adds aesthetic value and also serves as a practical fire mitigation strategy, if done right. Decorative streams and ponds can double as fire breaks, providing a barrier between structures and advancing flames. By strategically placing water features near buildings and other structures, businesses create an additional layer of protection, enhancing overall wildfire preparedness and resilience.

At SPIEDR, we are committed to helping businesses in fire-prone areas protect themselves by providing state-of-the-art equipment such as rooftop sprinkler systems. Get in touch today to learn how we can keep your business safer this fire season!

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