1 KM WETLINE™ Trailer

The 1KM WETLINE™ trailer is an integral component in community defense against wildfire. The Wet-Wall™ of continuous sprinkler protection can have a huge impact on fire suppression efforts as it helps prevent fires from growing.

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1 each 28' custom built enclosed trailer

1 each SPIEDR "TARANTULA" trailer mounted centrifugal pump (1500GPM +) enclosed within

16 each SPIEDR "DELUGE" sprinklers - 280' - 600' diameter coverage

16 each SPIEDR "BASE" tripod manifolds, telescoping 10'

33 each SPIEDR "WEB" mainline LDH hose, 4" - 7" (3300') w/ STORZ couplings

33 each SPIEDR water thief 2-1/2"


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