B.C. Wildfires On The Rise

B.C. Wildfires on the Rise

Almost 12 wildfires in the blink of an eye (Over the weekend)

It is not all sun and cheers in BC. The lack of rain has proven to bring the worst conditions to BC with wildfires rising by the minute. It took a while for BC to feel the full effects of the season but with temperatures rising, heat has finally flooded the province. Forecast don’t show signs of cooling down and precipitation is much needed in places where temperatures will reach up to 35 Celsius.

With that said, wildfire season is here whether we like it or not. Heat warnings were issued on Monday with highs reaching to 36 in parts of BC. These temperatures are typical for this time of the year. In fact, predictions were made from heat and fire patterns that hover over B.C. every summer. Trends show that we will be entering a hot and dry summer for the rest of July and most of August.

As heat waves invade most of British Columbia, fire activity is on the rise. One of the biggest wildfires that officials are dealing with is the 500-hectare East Shuswap Road wildfire in Kamloops. The heat and wind contribute to feed the smothering fires. The lack of rain in the forecast is concerning and frankly, discouraging as crews face the growing fires.

How Can SPIEDR Help?
Wildfire danger is steadfastly growing with no signs of slowing or dissipating. SPIEDR plays a big role in the efforts to battle wildfires. We are proud to provide products that defend homes and communities from the threat of wildfire. SPIEDR equips homeowners, fire departments, and communities with sprinkler equipment used to protect structures from the consequences of wildfire. We are committed to protecting and equipping people from wildfire damage.

We are proud to have manufactured 98% of all purchased Structure Protection Trailers in Canada. Our SPIEDR sprinkler trailer can protect up to 50 homes. Whereas a traditional fire engine can only protect one home at a time and puts firefighters in harm’s way. Therefore, we have sought to find ways to efficiently fight fires. Our products guarantee a positive impact on wildland fire suppression efforts and we continue to grow as we are the “go to company” when it comes to battling with wildfire.

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Are You in Danger of Wildfires?

Better to be Safe than Sorry

The fire danger rate was set at moderate for most areas of BC, with large areas at “High” and a few at “Extreme”. There were around 61 fires burning away at our forests and backcountry. Half of them were caused by lighting and at least 18 of them were human-caused.

SPIEDR has benchmarked the innovation and technology of Structure Protection Trailers. We’ve utilized our 14-year history of operational structure protection experience supported by 20 years' experience in wildland firefighting and equipment development to create effective tools for those battling wildfire. Protect your home today, get in contact with us because its better to be safe than sorry!

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