Pile of brush on fire.

How Do Controlled Burns Work?

Controlled burning or “prescribed burning” is a fuel management technique used to help prevent out-of-control wildfires by intentionally burning off areas of dry, flammable natural materials in a controlled manner. Controlled burns can also be used to prepare an area for tree planting or to enhance a specific habitat. Types of Controlled Burning Intentionally-Set Burn […]

Small plane dropping fire retardant onto a wildfire.

How AI is Changing the Way We Monitor Wildfires

AI technology is currently changing the way many things are done across industries, and now it is being implemented by the California Air National Guard (CA ANG) to help with monitoring and responding to forest fires. How Does Artificial Intelligence Fight Wildfire? The current process for identifying and mapping new wildfires entails people manually watching […]

Silhouettes of trees with smoke rising from the ground.

New Hydrogel Treatment Could Change the Face of Wildfire Prevention

An innovative new wildfire prevention treatment has been developed by researchers at Stanford University. The project leader is Eric Appel, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at the university. The new treatment is a fire-retardant hydrogel called Fortify that lasts for a significant amount of time on vegetation after it has been applied. […]

Australian Fire

Australia Fire Report: Here’s What’s Happening

Australia is currently experiencing massive wildfires that are causing massive damages, environmental impact, and worldwide concern. There have been 27 fatalities to date. The fires in Australia have burned 63,000 square kilometres so far. To put this into perspective, the Amazon rainforest fires in the summer of 2019 covered 9,060 square kilometres. The fires are […]

Fire Whirls And Fire Tornadoes

Fire Whirls and Fire Tornadoes: What are They?

Sometimes a wildland fire produces a vertical twister of flame called a fire whirl or fire tornado (sometimes called a firenado). A well-known recent example of this was the devastating Carr fire in California in 2018, which produced a highly destructive fire tornado. One wildfire can produce multiple fire whirls and fire tornadoes of varying […]

Kincade Fire Report

Kincade Fire Report

This fall has seen Sonoma County’s biggest wildfire to date. The Kincade fire in Sonoma County, California, is now contained after burning 77,758 acres of land. The fire started on the morning of Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019.

Emergency Kits In Case Of Wildfire

Preparing Emergency Kits in Case of Wildfire

You never know when an out-of-control wildfire or other natural disaster could force you to be evacuated from your home. Be prepared in case it happens with an emergency supply kit. Keep your kit small and easy to lift (have two smaller ones if you need to as opposed to a single large one). Remember […]

Forest Fires, Smoke, And Pollution

Forest Fires, Smoke, and Pollution: What You Need to Know

This summer’s relative lack of wildfire in British Columbia had Vancouverites breathing a sigh of relief, but the last few years of heavy smoke in the province has more and more people thinking about the consequences of forest fire smoke in regard to health and the environment. Despite the respite in BC this year, overall […]

Benefits of Forest Fires

Benefits of Forest Fires

Why Forests Need Wildfires Usually when we think of fire, we think of destruction. However, this is not an accurate or holistic understanding of the effects of wildfires on our environment. Forest fires actually have many positive effects as well. In fact, the benefits of a naturally occurring wildfire generally outweigh the negative effects, at […]