BC Record-Breaking Fire Season

Beautiful British Columbia faces a potentially record-breaking fire season

Beautiful British Columbia faces a potentially record-breaking fire season

Wind, Heat, and Lighting add Fuel to B.C.’s Wildfires!

Weather patterns are disrupting all of Southern British Columbia as blistering temperatures hover over the province. Weather forecasts are predicting fire danger to increase from high to extreme as temperatures continue to rise. Equally troubling, wind and lighting are expected to aggravate the harsh dry and warm conditions.

Extreme measures are being taken in the fire front where firefighters are battling to suppress wildfires. There are about 4,000 firefighters and support staff joining forces in an effort to suppress fires, evacuate families and prevent as much damage as possible.

Most of Southern B.C. has been advised due to the troubling news about the poor air quality caused by the wildfires’ smoke and the health risks associated with the unwavering temperatures.

Fire Danger Ratings: High to Extreme

Fire danger ratings will increase from high to extreme over the course of the week.

High to Extreme Fire Danger Ratings in BCAir quality advisories are in effect for Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Howe Sound, Whistler, the Sunshine Coast, Southern Gulf Islands, and east and south Vancouver Island. Environment Canada has set the air-quality index at 7 (high risk). Health risk advisory is high in Whistler and the eastern Fraser Valley, whilst remaining moderate in the Fraser Valley.

Unfortunately, it continues to be high in Kamloops and the Okanagan.

Many precautions and regulations are in place. For instance, people are encouraged to remain in facilities with A.C., drink enough water and avoid physically demanding outdoor activities, seeing how wildfire smoke and the heat pose a high potential for health risks.

Furthermore, high heat is drying forests and wind is contributing to add fuel to the fire, so to speak. Consequently, forests are vulnerable in light of these conditions, making it an even more difficult battle for firefighters.

There are six fire Centres that are ready and able to fight B.C.’s wildfires. The situation has reached such extreme levels, firefighters from outside the province and country have come to join the battle against fires. 761 firefighters came from outside the province: 27 from the U.S. and 108 will be arriving from Mexico. It is the first time we receive help from Mexico in the wildland suppression efforts.

Fire Centres and Wildfire Suppression Efforts

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