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How Fire Investigators Determine the Cause of Wildfires

Knowing what causes wildfires helps communities and wildfire fighters prepare better for future wildfire seasons and utilize more effective prevention strategies. Finding the cause of a wildfire involves a thorough investigation by trained professionals, often conducted by fire investigators, law enforcement agencies, or wildfire experts. The process typically includes the following steps:

Initial Assessment

The first responders to the wildfire evaluate the situation and gather preliminary information about the fire, such as its location, size, and behaviour.

Scene Safety

Before any investigation can take place, the safety of the investigators and other personnel must be ensured. This involves assessing the current fire conditions, potential hazards, and ensuring that the area is safe to enter.

Witness Interviews

Investigators interview witnesses, including those who may have seen the fire start or individuals who were in the vicinity when it began. This can include nearby residents, campers, hikers, or anyone else who may have been close by when the wildfire started. Witness statements can provide valuable information about the origin and possible causes of the fire.

Fire Behavior Analysis

Wildfire behavior experts analyze the patterns and characteristics of the fire. This analysis helps in understanding how the fire spread, which can provide insights into its point of origin and potential causes in that location. Investigators identify the point of origin, which is the location where the fire initially started. This is often done by analyzing fire patterns, burn marks, and other indicators.

Cause Determination

Once the point of origin is established, investigators work to determine the cause of the fire. This involves considering various factors, including human activities, natural events, equipment failure, or intentional acts. When possible, investigators collect physical evidence from the scene, such as debris, remnants of ignition sources, and any other items that may help in determining the cause of the wildfire.

Report Compilation

Investigators compile all of their findings into a detailed report. This report includes information about the fire's origin, behaviour, and the determined cause. This report may be used for legal or insurance purposes.

Determining the cause of a forest fire can be a complex process, and the involvement of various experts is often necessary to ensure a thorough and accurate investigation. Additionally, some cases may remain undetermined due to factors such as the extent of the fire or the destruction of key evidence.Fire investigators do everything in their power to determine the cause of wildfires, but sometimes it is not possible to know for sure.

With wildfire seasons becoming longer and more intense in recent years, understanding how wildfires are caused and spread is crucial. SPIEDR helps communities better prepare themselves for the threat of forest fires through wildland fire training, consulting services, and equipment rentals.

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