A wildfire season status sign that reads "FIRE DANGER HIGH".

Wildfire Season Hits Early

Wildfire season hit Canada earlier than usual this year, with a number of major wildfires sprouting up in May, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. Since then, more and more wildfires have sparked and continued to burn, beginning what is likely to be a long wildfire season for 2023. SPIEDR is helping communities across the [...]
A campfire near a lake.

How to Be Fire Smart This Wildfire Season

August and September are often some of the worst months for forest fires in British Columbia because of hot weather and dry conditions. Here are some simple things that you can do to be more fire smart this wildfire season. Be Fire Smart at Home Remove excess vegetation, dead leaves, and other flammable fuel from […]

The Life Cycle of a Wildfire

Ignition A wildfire can be ignited by many different occurrences, both natural and human-caused. Common causes of wildfire ignition include lightning strikes, embers from burning debris (or other wildfires), unattended/improperly put out campfires, cigarette butts, and even arson. Spread Once a fire is lit, it begins to spread. How quickly and far a forest fire […]

How are Wildfires Predicted?

While it is impossible to predict wildfires completely accurately, experts are getting more and more able to predict the likelihood of wildfires in certain locations at certain times and how they will behave. This is extremely important in terms of wildfire preparedness and suppression planning.   Factors Used to Predict Wildfire Extreme Heat & Dry […]