Wildfire BB4 With 12-16 High Pressure Pump End – 23HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard



The Wildfire model BB-4® portable fire pump is an ideal unit for high volume remote watering, brush truck and slip-on fire fighting systems in forestry and rural fire environments.

High pressure up to 425 PSI (2930 kPa) is provided to operate very long hose lays and overcome pressure losses due to large elevation changes often encountered in rugged wildland fire operations.

The higher power makes it ideal for pumping at high altitudes.

A unique feature of the BB-4® pump is the quick release pump end that is inter-changeable with ourMARK-3® pump. This standardization allows for in-field pump end exchanges eliminating long equipment down time and greatly reduces the inventory of parts at equipment service shops.

Engine Specifications
Engine Briggs & Stratton® Model Vanguard®
4-cycle, air-cooled
Twin cylinder, overhead valve
Maximum power 23 HP (17.2 kW)
Starting system Electric with backup recoil starter
Ignition system Magnetron® electronic
Charging system 16 amp alternator
Stroke 2.75″ (70 mm)
Bore 2.97″ (75.5 mm)
Displacement 627 cc (38.2 cubic inches)
Lubrication Oil (full pressure)
Oil capacity 1.5 US quart (1.42 L)
replaceable oil filter
Integral fuel tank 1.5 US gals (5.7 L) with valve for outside
fuel source, 3-way valve

Pump Unit Specifications
� Detachable 4-stage centrifugal pump end, Model 12-16
� Quick release pump clamp
� Belt driven speed increaser (See parts breakdown page 14)
�Lightweight aluminum alloy pump parts
� Anodized pump parts for corrosion resistance
� Stainless steel shaft
� Mechanical rotary seal with blister-resistant carbon seal face
and a silicone carbide seat
� Governor system for overspeed protection
� 2″ (51 mm) NPSH suction threads
� 1 1/2″ (38 mm) NPSH discharge threads
� Fuel consumption 1.8 US gals/hour (6.8 L /hour)

Length 35″ (89 cm)
Width 22 1/2″ (57 cm)
Height 21″ (54 cm)
Weight 171 lbs (77 kg)

� US Forest Service approved spark arrestor
� Electric starter, low oil protection
� Exhaust priming system
� Integral fuel tank
� Wildfire checkvalve
� Powder coated extended steel carry frame
� Standard control panel, choke / throttle / on-off
� Pressure gauge 0-600 PSI (0-4200 kPa) GAUGE-1
� Foam solutions pumping capability

� B-2 volume 2-stage pump end
� Thread protector 2″ (51 mm) NPSH A-2688
� Thread protector 1 1/2″ (38 mm) NPSH, NH or
1/4-turn (ADP-A-FM15S, ADP-L-FM15SN or FA-4)
� Remote Fuel air transport tank 5.3 US gals (20 L) FA-552Q
� Steel fuel tank 5 US gals (18.9 L) FA-352GSA
� Fuel line 12-401B-NS or R-1206A
� Battery and cable kit A-7612
� Electric priming pump B-7498
� Full control panel 180-005-01 (See parts breakdown page 21)
� BB-4® Slip-On version w/ Low Tone mufflers; less
exhaust priming muffler, check valve, 6 qt fuel tank,
standard control panel, and carry frame)
� A-2356 Pump end tool kit
PSI 100 200 300 400 500
kPa 689 1379 2068 2758 3447

MaximumPressure: 425 PSI (2930 kPa)
Free flow: 105 US gals/min (397 L /min)
MaximumHead: 982′ (299m)


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