Firefighter standing in a smoky forest.

What is a Controlled Burn and How Does it Work?

You may have heard of firefighters starting “controlled burns” during wildfire season in order to help fight forest fires. Many people hear this and wonder how it’s possible to make a wildfire less dangerous by intentionally burning more fuel, but controlled burning is actually a very effective way of controlling wildfire, when done correctly and […]

top human forest fire causes

Top Human Forest Fire Causes

Human caused fires make up more than half of all the wildfires in Canada each year. These wildland fires are also deemed as more destructive than fires caused by nature. Below we outline just what behaviours are the main causes of these fires.  Methods of Human-Caused Forest Fires Cigarettes Discarded cigarettes used to be the [...]
impact of wildfire on wildlife

How Wildfire Impacts Wildlife

Population Loss Larger mammals like deer and bears generally have a low mortality rate when it comes to forest fires, because they are able to move quickly to another location when a fire begins. Burrowing animals are also not impacted greatly because they are able to stay protected underground. Small mammals like mice and voles […]

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How the Environment Responds to Wildfire

When a major, intense wildfire occurs, it has a major impact on the environment of that area well after the fire is out. Here is what the environmental response to a forest fire looks like. CO2 Wildfires emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. Globally, wildfires contribute about 10% of the […]